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CraftSearch Logo


CraftSearch is the worldwide first innovative Minecraft search engine that finds you servers in-game since 2016. Connect with one click to the server you want. Historically, CraftSearch started in july 2016 as a branch of the PlugNCraft project, named as Roaming Partners. It became an independant project a month later. In March 2018, alongside the creation of the MINASTE group, we fully integrated CraftSearch in our group, making it our first original project.

Extopy Logo


Extopy is a completely new kind of NON-PROFIT social network that cares about your privacy and safety. Originally, Extopy started in august 2017 as a branch of CraftSearch, named CraftSearch Social. One year later, the project became more ambitious than ever and became our second independant original project, named Extopy. Extopy was directly placed under the groups control once it got detached from CraftSearch, and CraftSearch joined the group at the same time.

FMobile Logo


The worldwide's first iOS app to control and get rid of the national roaming of any carrier accross more than 230+ countries and territories. The MINASTE group supports this project by providing the tools and licences needed for its expansion. The FMobile logo was made generously by Bruno Paiva.

Delta: Math helper Logo

Delta: Math helper

The new math app for students! Discover and create your algorithms to go faster, like a 2nd degree equations helper which calculates for you all the values you need to do everything with it.

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Extopy Analytics

You have surely at least once wanted to have a history over your statistics on your social networks. We, at Extopy, are building tomorrow's social network, with one top mission : protect as much as we can everyone's privacy, even from those who claim they have nothing to hide. To make sure we hold tight to this mission and never get distracted from it, we are operating under a non-profit form, just like Wikipedia for example, which means we have no interest making profit out of anything, and this includes your highly valuable (more than you would think) personal data. As we are preparing our brand new, disruptive social network, we thought we could already do something for your privacy, as you are currently using many other social networks, and statistics apps that are collecting and selling your personal data. Extopy Analytics fetches all the statistics you need for any account of your choice: number of followers, followings, posts, average likes, reposts and engagement rates. And it works with all your favorite social networks: Extopy as soon as it will be launched of course, but also Instagram. Twitter and YouTube support are coming in the next update. But the most important thing that matters the most to us, and that should matter to you too: Extopy Analytics works only on your device. Everything you do with the app is between you and your phone. Nothing is sent to our servers: in fact, we do not have any server to run Extopy Analytics, as we do not need to! All the statistics data are anonymously downloaded directly to your device, requested by the device, and stay there. Therefore, you do not need any account (not even an account from the other social network platforms!) in order to use the application! Sure, it will not prevent the social networks you currently use to sell your personal data, as Extopy is not yet launched. But at least, in the meantime other apps will not be part of this data trafic you have no control over. We hope you will enjoy Extopy Analytics just as we enjoyed making it! And we hope to see you soon onboard with us on Extopy!

Tic TAI Toe Logo

Tic TAI Toe

A Tic Tac Toe with AI and PRO features.

PickFalling Logo


PickFalling is a mobile video game. Catch the falling objects in various levels! It was originally created by the XebriGames video game studio with XenoneSs and Nathan Fallet, that the MINASTE group acquired completely in October 2018 to close the studio and make it fully part from our groups supported projects.

BaseConverter Logo


Convert easily your numbers between decimal, binary or hexadecimal. Just fill the input and click on convert and that's all!

Brocstock Logo


Manage your products stocks like a pro!

PlugNCraft Logo


PlugNCraft was a mini-games based Minecraft server created in October 2014. The original founders are PlugN and Heyes, but that list got extended to AzErT200 and punisher5. The MINASTE group aquired the project in March 2018, and it was the first project the MINASTE group decided to close in october 2018, after 4 years of activity. The PlugNCraft project is the deepest root of the groups identity, since it gave birth to CraftSearch, and then to Extopy and all our other projects. The MINASTE group exist only thanks to the PlugNCraft project, so we decided to publish it's core technology on GitHub, accessible for everyone. It allows to have a fully working API for automatic management of Minecraft servers.

Replica Logo


The Replica is a Minecraft mini-game where the goal is to reproduce an image on the board in front of you as quickly as you can.

ZabriPermission Logo


ZabriPermission is a permission management plugin that allows you to set your players permissions thanks to a group-managed system.

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President of the group and community manager

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Vice-president of the group and developer

Jean-Baptiste Ejarque

Treasurer of the group


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